You'll be dealt four cards every turn. You must use all four cards to create a magic formula to reach number 24. For example, if you are dealt a hand of all 6, you can simply add them all together to 24. If you have a hand of 2, 3, 3, 8, you can create the following formula to reach 24: ( 3 - 2 ) * 3 * 8 = 24

Touch a card to select and touch it again to de-select. All operators are applied to two cards. If you select 3 and 2 in a row, a touch on the Minus('-') operator will give you an intermediate result of 1 = 3 - 2.


Game Level
There are three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Separate scoreboard exists for each level.
You can adjust the game volume using this slider.
Auto Select
This option applies to card selection in the middle of the puzzle. By default, once you make a combination, the resulting #, say 3 from 1 + 2, will be automatically selected to anticipate your next move.
1-10 only
These cards Jack, Queen, and King will not be used if this option is set. In the game of 24, Jack is counted as 11, Queen is counted as 12, and King is counted as 13.


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